Knife to Colt?

If the Knife didn't work on Castiel, why exaclty is it assumed the colt will work on Lucifer a fallen angel yes, but a more powerful fallen Arch Angel?

This is just those really strange reasoning flaws that keep popping up, like the guy who transplants organs living forever, what does that have to do with the fact that dean is dean and is still going to hell? Or the idea that some equally powerful demon wouldn't just up and take Lilith's place once Sam had killed her, but he was hell bent it would win the war, I hope they address at least the colt anamoly in the episode.


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Nov 19, 2009 11:25PM EST

It was clearly explained in the show that the knife only works on weaker demons. On the other hand, it was also said many times throughout the show that the Colt is a "gun that could kill anything".
As to the guy who could teach Dean to live forever, if you can live forever, then you never die, meaning no hell. Of course in such a state a person would tire of living, go insane, or be killed by someone. But that guy was desperately begging for his life so his arguments may have been lucrative but not entirely logical.
Concerning Lilith, the Winchester's figured that if they could stop Lilith, they could stop the Apocalypse. Plus they were told this by the I suppose they assumed that killing her would end it.
Supernatural involves, well, the supernatural, which I love. The fact that this show is mostly highly logical is probably the main reason i enjoy it. So get logic straight next time.

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