This crack must be pretty scary

Anyone else have any thoughts on this crack. You know the crack that leads to the season finally. We've seen this go on before with Bad Wolf. Prisoner Zero talks about it before he is destroyed, we've seen it on Amy's bedroom wall (so close to it all those years special girl) the hospital wall the TARDIS dematerializing the side of the starship Britain. We see this happening and I think the Doctor has some idea whats causing it and I hate it when he keeps these things to himself .



Apr 11, 2010 2:46AM EDT

well there's the crack running through cardif that powers the tardis, so this could be along those lines a crack in space/time for a big bad to come through

Default avatar cat
Apr 11, 2010 4:21AM EDT

Ah yes, very bad wolf. Im excited to see what it is. But since we already had bad wolf, it sort of annoys me when they zoom in on the cracks.
And oh, dont forget that Silence thing. There will be silence, Doctor.

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