Shows Improvement ( No pun intended )

Based on the Sword of Truth series, First off, not the books the Legend of the Seeker has become a formidable force of entertainment on its own as the second season starts. Not so Zena'ish as last years installment and starting to stand alone, as well. In the first season people were all bitching, "that's not how it happened in the book". Its not going to so sit back and watch the show for what it is, great action, great stories and great characters. It seems to me that the show is starting to build on its own strengths with out the book series for insurance which is good because the last couple of episodes have been building on characters such as Cara, Zed and Richard from what we've been watching week to week not what we've read in the books. I think the second season has taken a whole different line and just gone off on its own, it feels fresh and original. There are some things I'd still like to see number one Mud People they were cool, The Sisters of the Light(and Dark) think we will see them soon and Mriswith maybe next season if they lead into Bold of the Fold. Besides all that Cara is damn hot and I feel bad every time she gets beat up LOL.


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