The whole Lana Lex Leaving thing

Who will be the villain? Now Lana cant turn on Clark and Lex will be gone and Clark will be left all alone. I wonder what he'll do? hmm..

The loss of Lana from the show will, i think be accepted and apreciated. At first her character was borderline important, simply as someone Clark was forced to rescue, endangering his faithful friends. However as the seasons moved on she became more and more redundant, her marriage to Lex being a desperate ploy to bring her back into the main story. Now she is just plain annoying. Shes leaving and i will miss her as a part of the dynamics in smallville, but i wont shed a tear for her. Lex on the other hand is an important part of the story and i find him intriguing and interesting. I will miss him when hes gone.


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