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OMG - NO!!!!!

I LOVE sitcoms. Lots of them. I watched two others tonight - loved them. I could NOT finish this show - it was so incredibly terrible.


| 22:01 EST, 19 Nov, 2008
I disagree. It's better than a lot of the other rubbish on Babylon's tube, like 'heroes'. Is that show fo realz? How stupid do they think I am?
| 20:07 EDT, 01 Oct, 2008
This show should be canceled soon... they should have stuck to the British version.. So much better... The only show that is (in my opinion) doing good and was inspired from a British show is,, The Office...well that's the only one that I know of..
| 22:35 EDT, 23 Sep, 2008
i couldn't agree more. the British version was at least tolerable. this...i had to force myself to watch episode 1 for 7 mins before my sense of justice (spending time) got the better of me.
| 18:14 EDT, 23 Sep, 2008
I agree. I thought it was so horrendously unfunny. I wrote a review on here which states exactly that! Glad we agree.

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