Why does everyone keep comparing this show to the Eleventh Hour?!?!

I've watched all the episodes of both Fringe and the Eleventh Hour that have been released so far and they're almost nothing alike, except they both have FBI agents and scientific mysteries. But all the mysteries in Eleventh Hour have a perfectly explainable solution in the end, and deal in no way with pseudo sciences but rather with pure physical science...So cut the crap people and quit knockin' Fringe, it's an awesome show that's only gonna get better and better, the mythologies and mysteries surrounding the character development are already addicting, and I think J.J. Abrams has already proved good and damn well that he knows what it takes to make a great show that'll last years to come, just look at Lost and Alias and think about how developed the stories got as time passed by and how they managed to keep the mysteries alive even as so many got answered... So C'mon people give Fringe a chance, Lord knows FOX needs this one.


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Nov 2, 2008 2:23PM EST

I agree completely. I also think that Fringe is magnitudes better than Eleventh Hour. The acting in Eleventh Hour seems emotionless and mechanical, the characters aren't developed, and the "mysteries" aren't all that interesting.
Fringe on the other hand has very animated characters (a slightly insane scientist, a cynical son). I'm still on the fence about the actress used to portray the main FBI investigator. But despite that the show is MUCH more engrossing than Eleventh Hour.
Now, the story lines are incredibly different as well. With Fringe the viewers are being led down a road with an unknown but extremely intriguing end (all along some story line plot). With Eleventh Hour each episode seems disconnected from the last with no unifying theme, other than something strange happened.
I have a hard time believing anyone would prefer Eleventh Hour over Fringe, unless they downright don't appreciate science fiction. The acting and storyline in Eleventh Hour are just terrible and I think the numbers will eventually come out to prove that when the show doesn't get renewed (and hopefully Fringe will).

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