House Divided distanced me for sure!

I have been a loyal viewer, since it started. But ever since Amber entered the scene I've become less interested. Used to be just House was coarse. Now all the characters have a base attitude. Shock value seems to be the main focus of the writing staff, & individuals have morphed into muddled characters. The bachelor party scene was totally risque'. I no longer desire to watch House ( although the Cameron & Chase scene last week temporarily pulled me back). So tired of ea. episode trying to push the characters beyond the norm with writers' personal societial views. And Chases' going behind Cameron's back with a sudden interest to have a bachelor party at Houses' whim just seemed out of character. But, I guess that all characters have lost any sense of morals or decency. I feel sorry for the cast...


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May 5, 2009 3:33PM EDT

I agree with your point that Amber's coming into the show in the first place, also made me lose interest for a while. I do feel the writer's just made a carbon of House for him to play off of and it bored me to tears. I never was interested in the character and the actress' bad acting made me squirm inside. ick I want her gone forever.
I'd really like Cameron back in each episode. That was a formula that worked for the show and I never understood why they shook everything up seasons ago. The new team has not stuck with me but just when Kutner's role was finally getting interesting they killed him off. Go figure.
The role of Foreman is also so damn boring it makes my skin crawl. Not sure if this is due to bad acting or poor writing. He is just a boring, monotone, personality-less role. YAWN!

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