90210 Season 2 Episode 14 "Girl Fight" Review

Tonight was a decent night of 90210 but I was expecting there to be more battle of words between Naomi and Ivy leading up to the infamous catfight on the beach. Ivy let it be known that she still has feelings for Liam and it sure didn't take Naomi long to figure it out. By the end of the episode she let Liam know that she is just going to be herself from now on and she isn't going to bend over backwards to try and impress him anymore. It worked and Naomi and Liam are back on hot and heavy.

I have been rooting for Ivy though, I think that she would make a great girlfriend for Liam but I guess we will have to see if that happens in later episodes. We also got to see Annie stand up to creepy ol'Jasper. But you know it isn't going to be the end of it yet. We also got to see Annie auto save her confession and I am assuming that will be discovered next episode.

We didn't get to see what happened to Navid and that is something else future episodes will touch on. But Teddy and Silver are back on! And Dixon is out of the picture. I think Adrianna also have a secret admirer, her lesbien friend. I give tonight a 3 out of 5. Not a great one but decent.


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