The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 3 Episode 10 "Episode 10"

What a rich and lavish night upon a beautiful yaht with Tamara that just turned 40. I can only imagine that hitting that milestone can be a hard year, especially for some women that are so self endulged at being as young looking as they possibly can. With botox etc.

But we all got to see Simon give her a $40,000 Rolex Pink watch for your birthday. And was it ever staged for effect. I couldn't help but laugh at the look Viki was giving. Viki is very easy to read through her facial expressions and you could tell that she was jealous and envious...wait where's Don?

I can not wait however for them to get Quinn off the show. She doesn't seem to fit in at all with these housewives. She is too boring...which is fine in real life but to be on a show like this you need to have more fire.


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