Will someone explain???

Honestly folks, what on earth is going on? The worst way to kill off a season (Sean especially). In 1 episode you get 4 characters hospitalized; one with a broken collarbone another with a gun shot wound in the head and another with nasty cut on the forehead and another with multiple stab wounds.

Seems like the writers had no other ideas apart from having sex with a disabled person and incest. And just thought what the hell, 'lets just kill them off' making sure something bad happens to all of them and get it over and done with.

I can understand the whole business with the writer√Ę€™s union strike n all that it has affected other shows apart from Nip/Tuck, but that should not be no excuse to lame badly thought script writing that will lead in digging the shows own grave.

I want to see you!! 'Script writers' getting out of this one.

I seriously suggest that the TV Executives have this episode as a 'mid season finale' and go for the full 22 episodes as planned and make sure the remaining episodes are clever, twisted and posses all the remaining ingredients that make this show so good (compensate for the previous poor episodes).

Cos if you don't, it will just end up spiraling down and we all don't want that. So....Kill it off completely or keep it running maintaining its 'status' as the most entertaining show on telly.


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