The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 2: "Red Hair and Silver Tape"

In this episode, Patrick Jane and his team investigated the death of a lady who was being dumped in a place where only the locals know or so Patrick Jane thinks.

In the crime scene, the Sheriff remembered seeing a black truck being driven at a very fast speed, just minutes after the Sheriff arrived upon receiving news of the missing lady. As Patrick went to her home, he found a picture placed on the top of the ceiling in the deceased lady's room. Next, the team went to her workplace. Patrick found the lady (the suspect) who took a picture with the deceased. He began to use hypnotism to find some truth from her. Next, the team looked through the locker of the deceased and found a note saying, 'Sorry'. So Patrick got an idea. He gathered all the workers and said that the murderer was among them and to single out the murderer, he and his colleague would be handling them a paper and they were to write the same words on it. This caused one of the workers to faint on the spot.

It turned out that he was apologetic for forcing himself on the deceased at the night of the murder. As investigations continued, Patrick deduced that the murderer could have raped and accidentally killed the deceased. As the team was discussing about this case in the station, the suspect came and informed them of the secret lover that the deceased had. But the secret lover proved to be innocent. So as a last resort, Patrick used two of his team members to lure the murderer. Though it was ruined by the Sheriff's sudden appearance, it nevertheless gave Patrick a chance to stay at the motel where the murder was done. As Patrick waited in the motel, the truth began to unfold. This solved not only the murder, but also prevented another murder from taking place.


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