American Idol Season 9 Episode 6 "Dallas"

Like I have stated in a previous review, I am really liking the guest judges idea that they have during the auditions. Since I am sure a lot of viewers have heard, Simon will not be judging next year because he will be judging the x-factor show. I strongly hope that they use that seat for guest judges through out the entire season.

Tonight was an average night, unless you are a huge Joe Jonas brothers fan. As I am sure millions of teenage girls across the globe can easily admit to. As well, Neil Patrick Harris was also guest judging at the Dallas auditions.

It was definately refreshing to see more compassionate judges tonight, rather than Avril Lavigne from last night. Some people go on this show with the full intent that they have a chance at making it. To them this is their one shot, and having a celebrity rip apart their talents is not constructive. I wanted to slap her through my tv. However tonights judges were funny, fun to watch, and entertaining.

As the audtions are coming closer to an end and Hollywood is fast approaching, I hope the guest spots don't end.


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