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Am I The Only One Having a Problem with Wanda Sykes Relationship with Julia Drefuss

Now, I know that I am not crazy, but I have a huge issue with the relationship of Wanda Sykes and Julia L Drefuss on Old Christine. I was a huge fan for a while there and they lost me with all this lesbian stuff. Why does it seem the whole television networks are moving in this direction? Even Desperate Housewives has an angle like this. Do not get me wrong, gay for you is your business, but straight people have a problem watching tv for entertainment and having this thrown in our faces of all our shows we enjoy. Its almost like tv execs are trying to please everybody all the time. Folks, stop it please. Everybody that watches tv ain.t gay.


| 11:40 EDT, 12 Apr, 2010
if you actually watched the show, wanda and juila don't play lovers on the show.. they just got married so Wanda's character could stay in the country.. Both actresses play heterosexual characters.
| 15:30 EDT, 10 Apr, 2010
I know what you mean!!! It's seriously getting old.And what happened with christines relationship with the guy from will and grace?Did they break up?
| 02:22 EST, 03 Mar, 2010
| 02:22 EST, 03 Mar, 2010
wanda sykes is gay maybe he asked them to go that way

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