Red Sky

The Fifth Column wins the war. Erica kills almost all Anna's soldiers with a 'V' cryobomb. Valerie gets kidnapped and taken to the ship to deliver the baby, before Anna kills her. Erica and Tyler have dinner with Lisa and Anna aboard the V mothership. Jack gets kicked out of his church for speaking out against the V's. I hope that Leah is ok and meets back up with the New York team. I wonder who would win Andromeda or a V mothership?

Though I wonder how long that will last with Anna going nuclear over her spawn being killed. I say that the Fifth Column has won because Anna had a mental break over seeing her spawn dead. That outburst of emotions sticks with you and her mistake of retaliating before they had prepared humanity is what spells the beginning of the end for the V's. Though that is just my opinion and I have yet to see the original series, so I have no idea what the storyline used to be.

Joshua gets resurrected by Marcus at the end. I think that is another mistake because that just gives Joshua his chance to escape and live to fight another day. Kyle is obviously working against Marcus, so I wonder why he is keeping this from the others. Decker now knows the truth and it will be interesting to see how he responds.

I believe that Anna's actions with Ryan are another mistake. I have a feeling Ryan will eventually learn the truth and maybe from Lisa herself. Lisa being who will end up finding a way to get Joshua free and off the ship. The reason those are mistakes is because it only gives the fifth column opportunity to recover from the losses during this episode, and Anna/Marcus get nothing out of it. Joshua will tell them nothing, and Ryan's feelings will inevitably turn him against Anna. Furthermore, keeping the child alive gives Ryan a chance of rescuing the kid and getting it off the ship.

This is probably my favorite episode because the good guys won a whole lot. There are a lot of Fifth Column assets in jeopardy but in this one episode they significantly hurt Anna/Marcus. However, I am never a big fan of supposedly smart characters being stupid; And, Erica is continuing to be extremely stupid by not telling Tyler about who the V's really are. I was happy when Father Jack told Father Travis what he could do with his V worshiping ultimatum. I am unsure what turning the sky's red around the world does for Anna but the lack of day/night made it seem extremely fake.


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