ANTERES: Donner and Zoe continue where the previous episode left off with her letting the devil inside loose and disobeying orders. Control try talking her out of it up until she gets to Beta, and then they decide to get with the program and figure out ways to make the suit last longer. Anteres gets more emotional with their attempt to talk Donner and Zoe out of it until Zoe says "Donner, I am bringing our baby back" Then you could actually see the truth wash over Donner's face; And, Anteres knew that if Donner wasn't committed to waiting for Zoe before? he was now...

FLASHBACK: Donner finds Zoe getting a tatoo but Jen decided to stick her foot in her mouth and start getting snippy with Donner by speaking 'for' Zoe with her right there, and telling him: "Zoe doesn't want you here" However, Donner sees the b^&*% for what she was being and just left to wait at the train station. Then Ajay and Donner had a heart to heart moment talking at the train station where he let it out that he got snipped because of what happened in the Mars Mission. Zoe came back and acted more reasonable and seemed glade Donner had waited for her. Later he got a bucket tattooed to the bottom of his foot.

I think Zoe and Jen both were being very irrational and unfair to Donner expecting him to act like he knew he knocked Zoe up when they refused to tell him. However, I recognize the capacity of women to be extremely irrational like that. Of course, men are irrational as well, but I am hard pressed to find such hypocrisy... maybe someone else knows more than me and I am being bigoted with my p.o.v. *shrugs*

Anyhow, I like how the show ended and I hope they have a full primetime season to continue with. I am surprised Canada seems to be the only one showing the series but maybe A.B.C. is waiting for something as they said the show is still on their lineup, they just seem to be having trouble figuring out how to schedule it. Naturally, it seems that some wish to jump to the conclusion that the show is not being renewed for a second season. I myself have found it confusing why people choose to do that. In predicting the future, I would rather being wrong and happy than right and sad.



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Oct 25, 2009 10:08AM EDT

Poor Zoey - a real 'does my bum look big in this' episode......
Mental note to self - Never EVER wear a space suit......

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Oct 26, 2009 3:39AM EDT

Kiss just adds to my present addiction!! I need more!Questions ?!?Is episode 13 the last of season 1???If so , has anyone gotten info on season 2???

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