Fool Me Twice

I am grateful that the writers seem to have found the way to continue and grow upon the success of their first season last spring. This episode is basically about a Mr. Grinch con-man who's heart swells when he meets his true love. Tragically they say he dies, hence Castle is involved but I like choose to expand upon the story to have a happier ending and maybe more adventure. I mean, why else introduce the mysterious secret agent man that has the ability to vanish in plain sight.

So, I will try to some this episode up. ex-Conman gets killed on-camera while talking to a bunch of elementary students. Castle comes in and they rewatch the video and show that con. After a couple false leads, Becket narrow down on the right con in progress only to find the conman fell in love. Castle makes a bet with Beckett and calls in secret agent man to see if conman is really an undercover spy. He says no but there is a question on if a secret agent really would tell the truth even if they said "unofficially".

So, conman plans to get married to the con, and live happily ever after. The partner conwoman thought that was a crock and so she 'killed' him... maybe. Castle gets them to con the conwoman into incriminating herself even further. After being surprised that that the conwoman fell for the lame con, she is further surprised when Castle shows up in the womens bathroom peaking over the stall where Becket is trying to secretly read his book. The surprise comes from him knowing exactly what she was doing and telling her what page the steamy sex scene starts on.

Like I said, I adlib the ending the suit my happy ending requirement, but I am very happy with the show... I just had to 'add' a few scenes in my head versus rewriting anything. Thus, I think this might be one of their better episodes. I believe the premise is right that most women are like Princess Lea in that they want to like their scoundrels. Hence the fascination with con-men.


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Oct 14, 2009 10:38PM EDT

Does anyone know who played Alexis' violin teacher!!???? I swear I have seen him somewhere and it is driving me INSANE!!! lol

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