Almost Awesome

I liked the pace of this episode and I definitely will be watching the next... along with the rest of the season. Yet, the way they ended it was very disappointing. I feel that Elaine already knows 'what' he is and thus she also knows that being with Stephan might be the safest place to be. So, I sincerely hope the next words out of her mouth are something more intelligent than what she ended tonight with.

Also, in reverse review, Elaine 'should' have fired back to Bonnie that they both definitely already knew a cold calculating manipulative b*&^% that would 'explain' that story Bonnie should have known better than to repeat. I understand the need to forward a plot but at least hide it better with half way descent logic.

I have read all the written novels so far; Thus, I am very happy they are doing something new while maintaining the spirit of the stories. I am very happy with the first give episodes and with how fast the story is progressing. There is so much more to romance than just 'falling in love'.


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