Eureka! & *conjecture*

Carter is to Eureka, what Newton was to Science. Carter uses his right hemisphere and they use their left hemisphere. I think that Western culture may behind on developing that sort of 'logic'. However, I do wish Carter would trust his instincts more, because that is who he is, and shedding a lot of self-image issues is how you get to that level of 'ability'. For instance, Warehouse 13's Pete Lattimer trust in his own ability is integral to how he got the job.

I think that the new girl is awesome; And, I look forward to seeing where this seems to be going. Carter has been a little overly obsessive over Alison, because of the whole living with her as his wife for four alternate universe years; But, really, I think it is past time either Alison gets a clue, or Carter moves on. I think the Seti girl might be the right girl for the job; If, she is so inclined of course.

What might be really interesting is if Carter and Tess sync'd maybe more than he did with Alison; However, part of the alien's future 'visit' is to re'sync the alternate four years with the continuum and bring back their alien buddy, or whatever it was in season one. So, Alison's 'memory' comes back and... that might be just too awesomesauce.

Me crying because of a t.v. show or movie seems to be rare, but the moment between Henry and Kim at the end of Ep 14 brought a tear to my eye... literally... I like it when the good guy/gal gets rewarded by the Divine for doing the right thing. Though, in this case the reward took a couple years to manifest. I feel that the scene with Tess and Carter was nice too, and maybe Carter just likes blonds more. ;)


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