First, Dr. Hood is called into a D.C. F.B.I. case involving anthrax. After solving the case in the first five minutes, Young drags him off to Philadelphia; Where five, or so, people all come down with the same poisoning symptoms. We know it is terrorism related because of the numerous foreshadowing from the first ten minutes; But, it takes Dr. Hood, thirty minutes to feel comfortable with labeling it as such; Though, it did take a failed suicide bomber with a note in his mouth to convince him. Dr. Hood, rushes to catch up with the terrorists as they target a local theater that was about to perform a play that day for a sold out crowd of elementary school students. In the end, the leader of the terrorist cell dies from his own Nerv Gas; And, Dr. Hood, saves a mother by getting her wet and stripping her nekkid.

I feel that the scene at the beginning of this episode was a little crazy, and a little over the top. Though, we got to see how arrogant Dr. Hood really is. I think the only woman I want Dr. Hood stripping is Agent Young. Though, I was happy that the mother was saved from harm by Dr. Hood. I was also happy that Felix got a chance to step up to the plate. Overall, this was an ok episode for an ok show. I continue to watch the show simply to see more of Marley Shelton; And, if they do something silly like killer her off? Well, I am sure they are smart enough to avoid doing that.


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