Dr. Hood, and his burgeoning fan club, are called into investigate a freak 10 minute lightning storm that left 30 Philidelphians dead, and 15 more injured. The find a mysterious research company that was researching Micro-Batteries. The nanon-tech virs, leached metal as it replicated and mutated. The increased metal content of the victims' bodies' drew electricity to them.

I wish that the writers, for this show, would actually asked someone who actually spent time studying Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics about what they are writing about. I think starters are on a completely separate circuit system; And, so the stripper club guy should have something bad happen in some other way and some other place.

The eco-freak scientist lady [i.e. her comment about 'saving the planet'] was funny but I liked her turn around at the end of the show. I thought it was retarded for Ms. Young to tell Felix to abuse the system by hiding the epidemic as something else. I am sure some may react absurdly; But, I think that it should be a citizen's choice on how they choose to react. So, their attempt to justify doing something bad for the "greater good" failed, hard.

I keep watching the show though; And, I guess the producers are getting the money they want from their investment. I just hope they abandon this show, and maybe the writers and directors will learn something about science and math while they wait in the un-employment line. There are soooo many other good shows/stories they could resurrect or create, like "The Dresden Files"; Versus, wasting money on meaningless propaganda.


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