A Bright New Day

Anna sets up a terrorist attack and talks of love and peace with a woman widowed because of the V arrival. The priest gets reckless but pulls up an Ace in the whole ending the episode with a meeting of those who survived the warehouse. We also found out that Taylor's alien girlfriend is the daughter of Anna; And, that the head doctor on the N.Y. Mothership is a member of the V renegades called the '5th Column'.

I think Anna will become a member of the 5th Column, or maybe already is. There is no way for her to predict how good Erica was and so there was a very high probability Anna's partner would have been killed. Thus her setting up the assassination attempt that only Erica was able to stop, literally at the last second, suggests Anna has ulterior motives. I have only seen one or two episodes of the original and so maybe this is old news. *shrugs* Admittedly, I do hope she fully switches sides when Scott's budding conscience grows past its infancy, and becomes a problem for him.


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