Some illegal immigrants stole some cloned babies from Dr. Hood's Arch-nemesis Gepetto that we saw from the pilot episode. This time Gepetto was going to harvest the organs from the infants to save her won life. While I did enjoy seeing more of Marley Shelton, Dr. Hood's holier-than-thou attitude is a little irritating. I am waiting for him to mess up, and become one of the villains he seemingly hates.

My feelings of this is based upon his assumptions of how science works. Of course, it is just a character and the only real thing this season has shown is how little the writer for this show know about current science. The most glaring lack of knowledge was in the tenth Episode about Stem Cells. This episode was his comment about how "ethical" scientists stayed away from Human cloning.

I think that his reasoning is why "ethical" scientists need to be involved in Human cloning. I also think that we actually already have the technology to grow specific organs from a human genetic donor. So I find this episode offensive as it forwards the myth of growing actual human beings to harvest body parts from. I feel that this the same kind of idiotic arrogance that the illegal immigrant President Obama forwarded when he referred to "Japan"'s economic problems. In that situation, Japan got in economic trouble doing exactly what Obama wants to do with his "stimulus" [really anti-stimulus] package. So I sincerely hope that CBS continues it's campaign of anti anything science fiction and cancels "Eleventh Hour". I find the premise of the show irritating as if one person could come in and 'always' save the day in the nick of time.


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