My Review

I absolutely worship this show, and UFO Magazine for making it. The show gives honest, earnest, and thorough investigation into UFO events that are both recent, and in the past. The latest episode I am watching now is about the UFO that the Cardiff, UK Police helicopters gave chase to, at one point, during the summer of 2008. [I laughed when I saw Cardiff and I wondered if they would use that in an episode of 'Torchwood' hehe :D] Finally, there is a show that is clearly from someone other than a N.A.S.A. disinformation specialist; And, they are experienced enough to see past that disinformation campaign.

I know that aliens exist and that they have continued to be on the planet, some call Earth, for a while. I love the title of the show; But, I wish people would differentiate between U.F.O. and Alien. The two terms are completely different. U.F.O. is an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object. Alien means, a sentient mortal coil from somewhere other than Earth. I also avoid 'Ghost Hunters' because I am bored with their attitude of skepticism despite what they supposedly see. I know Ghosts and Magick exists and I want more shows like U.F.O. Hunters that is more than a 'try to prove *blank* exists' show. U.F.O. Hunters actually tries to report recent cases and information that anyone else refuses to release, for whatever reason.

I think I remember seeing "Ghost Hunters"'s "UFO Hunters" [] in my cable t.v.'s program guide; But, I am a fan of "UFO Hunters" that shows on the *History channel*, and made by UFO Magazine. [] The two shows are completely different; And, I have yet to notice "SFC"'s UFO Hunters showing at all since Spring last year. I feel that they might have pulled the show after seeing UFO Magazine's UFO Hunters presence and growing popularity. I am also fairly confident that "Ghost Hunters" has nothing to do with UFO Magazine's "UFO Hunters". [] Also for the record, I think UFO Magazine's UFO Hunters is produced by UFO Magazine; And, I think UFO Magazine is separate from the History channel, as they have been around since the mid-80's, and so I think they are about three times older than than the History channel and maybe Ghost Hunters.


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