Parachute Jane

Young teenage girl dies in a park from insulin overdose. Cops haven't ruled it homicide so the team gets brought in to name her. They quickly figure out that the teenage girl was fooled everyone into thinking she was in her twenties. Her boyfriend is shocked. This leads them to her school where they find a whole school of Parachute Kids. Big bad Brother hits the top suspect list at first until they listen to Jane's voicemail at home. Then they slowly figure out the aunt is the madam of a Boardinghouse... minus the house. Oh and she really doesn't even feed them either, she just lets them do whatever they want along as it isn't around her home.

Thus they find Jane's killer cause Jane's friend sicked the Social Services dog on the Aunt and that threatened her 'business'. I guess its a good thing no one told the foreigner that Social Services fail unless you 'invite' them in to your house. Otherwise they need a 'warrant' and judges tend to avoid giving those out just based on anonymous tips. Something about the Bill of Rights and the constitution... hmmm.

This episode was ok, I cared more about the artist and that blackhaired lady hooking up more than the kid for most of the show. I really liked how they shut the Aunt's car down when she was at a red light... Hence, a fantastic reason to buy older gas guzzling cars made by someone other than Government Motors. I really despise Social Services so I was almost rooting for the Aunt. Sure they may do some things right but there are better ways to do the same thing with much less evil baggage. Though, the moment they mentioned SS I was more interested in the show so bravo.


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