True Confessions

Claire finds her new room-mate has a lesbian crush on her and that freaks her out a little, in more ways than one. Sylar has amnesia as the beatcop from "The Crow" picks him up, before he runs away and finds his way to the carnival where being freaks of nature is normal. Peter stumbles onto a relationship with Emma as he picks up her power. The show ends with Hiro showing up next to Peter in his apartment before Hiro collapses unconscious, presumably from whatever disease is killing him.

Claire joins a sorority, next stop cheerleading again. Afterall, they want to get back to the magik of the first season and thus they need the "save the cheerleader; save the world" cryptic message again. The audience is shown how Claire is being manipulated to join the freak show with Sylar. Little does Beatlejuice know: like that would ever happen. Yet, we get to see that Claire's ex-roomate was indeed killed, by an invisible woman from the freak show. Some may say they are a step in evolution, and I say: "yeah, and thus they are freaks of nature". We also get to see clearly that the Carnival itself is an a whole different level of freakiness; Where as, before it was merely alluded too once.

Peter looses is road-runner ability and gains Emma's "I see colors" ability. Though, he still can hear normally too, and so that is kinda weird. But who says writers need to pay attention to logic and science... hmmm guess that would be me *shrugs* Anyhow, Emma opens up to him as he begins to introduce her to the story of the 'others'. I am betting this will freak her mother right the frak out.

I am guessing we will see more of Aquagirl next episode, along with Hiro; But, I liked what I saw this episode. I find it difficult to think of the episode as unique among the rest of the episodes because they all tie together like one big really long movie. I like the show though and find it interesting though I think they might want to give a little back to having complete story arcs in a single episode. As I said, I like the episode though and I look forward to next week.



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Oct 13, 2009 3:20AM EDT

Peter can still hear normally because he isn't deaf. Seeing sounds in color is the ability. Emma is deaf and gifted. The deafness does not necessarily come with the gift. That is how the storyline is still within the realm of logical inference. At least there aren't as many plot holes as last season.


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Oct 15, 2009 1:52AM EDT

Maybe I have changed cause I always seemed to miss a lot of plot holes people complain about. I think this has to do with me knowing little more than average about the human brain and how it computes. The problem is simple, in that her brain is 'seeing' sound as apart of her visual sense. Hearing is a completely different part of the brain. Yet, if Peter grabbed her 'ability' then his brain would shift sound into color as well which would make him death. The human brain isn't something you can just 'addon' things and make it work.
Of course, one could say that the show is not real and just say their 'humans' brains are different from ours. Yet that also means they think differently, feel differently, and act differently... which would make the audience less able to relate to the heroes. So, in the end, yes science and logic still matter in fictional stories.

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