The Turning Point

Elena finally finds the words to convince Stephan to stay as the journalist goes on a vampage through town before getting staked. Elena finally seduces Stephan into bed then goes psycho when she sees a picture of herself as Katherine. So, they explained who Katherine was and how Elena is different but she still gets to feel all betrayed and such? Wow... total bitchtastic of her.

Karma seems to be even more of a bitch with instant retribution on her emotional train wreck to the middle of nowhere. She crashes her sports utility vehicle and fraks herself up something harsh trying to avoid a vampyre. Of course, she still hits the vampyre and then gets to see him reassemble his broken bones while hanging upside down. The episode ends with her screaming as the who I think might be Klaus comes to claim and turn Elena...

I mean really now, with a title like this and if it is indeed Klaus? He is just a few steps outside Acmeville on the Crazy Train Express enough to turn the reincarnated "Katherine" on his way to free the real Katherine. I mean who wouldn't want identical twins? Of course, Elena is a whole lot smarter than Katherine and independent to her core. So, Klaus's matchstick house of cards culiminating with a vampyrik Elena will go up in flames. Just as readily as Damon's attempt to turn Elena and sire the vampyrik Elena away from Stephan in the books.

Now for all that other stuff? I hope Matt gets with the program because the storybook ending for interfering with star-crossed lovers in romance equals painful death scene. Besides, I always like Caroline even in the books where she makes Queen Blair look like the Einstein of wanna-be bad guys. So, it would be nice for her to be happy for a change.

The whole brother going Van Helsing is pretty neat too, and I hope he works up a bromance with Tyler cause he really needs some help to break out of the curse of douchébagginess his father has on him.

My only real question is Episode Eleven really where Elena gets turned? I was all psyched for it being in the season finale but maybe that is why they wanna do it now. *shrugs* If not I am kewl with it because there seem to be three cardinal rules for this Vampire Dairies television series. 1.) Elena and Stephan are together together; to quote Twilight 2.) Elena becomes a vampyre early on; Unlike Twilight's lets stretch it out until the fourth book and 3.) Damon is a good guy even though he goes to extraordinary leaps of stupidity to convince everyone and himself he is evil.

Bonny may be a badass witch dealing out divine justice, but where the frak is Meredith? And, I seriously have a hope and a prayer, that they skip the whole Elena is dead season because I skipped most of that book for a reason... Ghost's don't write diaries.


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