We come in right after a women's husband tries to kill Henry and fails. He was spiking a dangerous intelligent abnormal animal's food with drugs. *who knew Sanctuary was a zoo?* Instead of killing Henry his dastardly plan almost gets his wife killed. He wants to kill Henry cause his wife loves Henry and not him... guess he needs some more werewolf in his diet. Anyhow, Henry shows us some fancy new equipment he created and the rest of the team gets to show how smart they are by requiring excessive amounts of puzzle pieces to figure the husband wants to be a murderer.

So, I wrote that review to make this comment. Henry spends all that time smoozing with the doctor and he can't find that he loves her after she says it first? Talk about lame ducks. Furthermore, the supposed moral to this story is that this is all Henry's fault for falling for a married woman? How about the woman for marrying the wrong best friend? just because "he asked first"? There is another lame duck, they obviously deserve each other.

Here is a novel idea, how about it is the husband's fault for drugging someone to be his unwilling accomplis to murder? Seriously, his wife unwittingly steps into his lethal trap and he blames the gun for it? Then he doesn't have the bawls to put a gun to his head so he tries to get another unwilling accomplis to murder by cutting up Henry.

All this aside, I really enjoyed the episode despite the lame attempt at shoving a moral/ethical debate down my throat. I liked that they saved the woman in the end, because she didn't deserve to die because she falls for morons. Will seriously needs a love interest though, and I thought he might have had something with Helen's daughter but they went and killed her off so. The new chick is totally void of class so I think I wouldn't be happy with that either... So, here is to hoping they bring in a good new character in the next episode.


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