I think that this show had a great first season. I felt that it was original and fun to watch as each episode held the next one be excellent until the thirteenth. Unfortunately, TNT seems to have meddled with the show in the second season like they have, to the show's detriment, such as Babylon 5 and Charmed.

I think that Nathan Ford should have reconciled with his ex-wife. Hardison and Parker would have gotten together in the off time. If TNT really wanted extra 'drama' maybe they could have had Sophie try to seduce Ford's wife as much as she had Ford, for a marriage more than two.

Yet, instead, they add a lame thirty second intro. Maggie disappears, and Sophie has a 'boyfriend' that dumps her. Furthermore, their 'clients' seem inferior to the first season, as well. With five episodes left in the second season I pray that somehow the Divine works the miracle of turning the show back around towards its true potential.


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