Famous Last Words

I believe this might be the single best episode so far. I love the series but I was deeply moved by the story that was told. I think that the episode was influenced by Michael Jackson's murder. I imagine the government says it was an accidental death but whatever...

A wildly successful emerging new artist gets murdered. The show starts with Castle playing guitar hero; And, it ends with him solving the murder solo. The police mistakenly thought the wife did it despite her convincing performance otherwise, all the current evidence they had did point to her. I am happy they added she immediately dropped her soon to be ex-husband convicted murderer like a bad habit and filed for divorce. I imagine it might be tough to play that kind of skeeve character as an actor but I think he did a fantastic job. I never suspected him until they found the bullet whole. I knew the wife didn't do it at that point but that was mostly academic nature of story telling.

I also like the happy ending of her sister, Sky, taking her sister's place with the band and performing the last song. I loved how the druggies were depicted as lacking basic intelligence. I mean who buys a 'bus ticket' to flee from the cops? The guitarist was lacking too with being flippant to Beckett like that. A normal cop might arrest him just because he was an ass,challenged him to. May not be 'right' but I think its a good idea to tell the cops everything you know; Because, most importantly he with held information that was important to solving the ongoing murder investigation.

I referred to Michael Jackson's 'murder' because what the government says is irrelevant to that whoever had him strung up on drugs that badly... was basically handing a loaded pistol to a suicidal crazy person. I believe he is innocent of the charges from a few years ago and yet only Janet defended her brother. I think something broke inside him because of that and the drama vampires around him.

so yeah, this is about Famous Last Words. *laugh* like I said, its a great episode and maybe me writing this might help someone decide to watch it too.


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