Dr. Hood investigates the death of a friend of the F.B.I. Director's. The team finds an eco-freak who looses touch with reality and decides to indirectly poison innocent people with Mercury in the name of "Saving the Planet". The dead guy left a pregnant widow behind who was forced to deliver the baby prematurely because of Mercury poisoning. Though it was nice to see Ms. Shelton running around again. :D

I liked Dr. Hood's answer to what he would do if his wife was in the "widow"s shoes. Yet, I think that the show's writers choose to broadcast incorrect science as fact. Babies, delivered prematurely, tend to suffer from mental and physical development retardation. Every moment that the baby was able to stay in the widow's womb increased the likelihood of the baby developing normally.

Furthermore, the writer did nothing to mention the evidence that the eco-freak was being narrow minded in his view on the "danger" to the planet. There is quiet a lot of scientific evidence that supports that humanity has very little impact upon global climate. I think that the eco-freak's insane actions posed more of a danger to the wildlife [ecosystem] than the community he lived in.


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