I typically stick with action, fantasy, and science fiction drama. I am grateful I decided to give the pilot of this show a chance; After, seeing Christian Slater in a single teaser advertisement I saw while watching the premier of the new season for House. My impression is that drama oriented around crime and the police tend to be rather campy.

I am unsure if I will continue watching the show past the next couple of episodes because I tend to stick with shows that have an overall story arc. I prefer shows that have characters that cause change in the world around them as they live. The pilot seemed to suggest that this may be so for this show. I may decide to see if other similar genre shows are like this one.

So, I feel that the reader may enjoy watching this show a great deal if they have similar ideas. I found the Pilot to be entertaining, interesting, and very compelling. Though, I do feel the writers might want to do some research on metaphysics to get an idea what a spirit might actually say. The way the victim spoke was slightly irritating. I think the soul would be far more concerned with helping her mother find love, and move on.


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Oct 7, 2009 12:51AM EDT

I feel that the third episode was great and helped me see why I will probably watch the fourth. The reason being the compelling emotions that the writers use to move the team and forward the plot. The rest of the writing may need some work but the core of the show left me feeling positive at the end; So, I am grateful I gave the show a chance.

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