Prison Break is an awesome show. Some Episodes are a little lacking; And, the overall storyarc can get tiresome at times. Frak, only 2 of the 4 seasons have someone in an actual Prison. Though, I think the actors and writers do a great job of conveying the Prison's we make out of our fears and anger.

The characters seem to change and evolve. Season 4 Episode 15 was a great example of the show's awesomeness. I love how the show evolves and grows. I like the episode's plot twist of having Sylla being something good. Though, the new information does beg the question of who made Sylla.

I mean, if the best minds really made it then that technology would already be emerging and the box would be less important. I think companies tend to protect their patients and secrets; Yet, the "Company" went to extremes far beyond what I think is normal. So, as I asked before, who created Sylla and why did they put it all into a little black box to be piece mailed out to the public. Power? Why would a scientist agree to that in the first place?

I love the show though; And, I seem to enjoy it more and more as I watch the show. It has its problems and I would be surprised if it made it to a 6th season. However, at the end of the day, bad guys loose and good guys win; And the show leaving me with a happy feeling, is all that really matters to me. I just hope that the writers are able to hold it together till the end of this season. Let alone come up with a storyarc for season 5; Maybe they will save the world from World War III while their at it. *laugh*


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Dec 16, 2008 11:27PM EST

lol. i too hope that the plot for season 5 is well thought out and written...i just dont know what other plausible storylines they could come up with because this season has let me down with its farfetched plots. i would rather prison break end on a high than for it to be painfully dragged on for years to come. i love prison break but the question still remains; where could they posibly go from here?

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