Hit Me Baby

Life is great! Reese, goes off to play with F.B.I. peeps; And, Cruise finds a professional assassin. The Bounty Hunter/Insurance lady manipulates Ted, to gain access to inside the mansion; And, she finds Cruise's new map of the people who were behind the people who framed him. Some new singer/band tried remaking Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby...", and failed.

I am confused why they showed the lady finding Cruise's map. Unlike before, the map would be completely legal. The map also shows that there are a few people other than Cruise who wanted her deceased client gone. Those other people, also seem to have much more motivation.

I liked the episode, and I am not exactly sure why I like this show. I think the show has some great moments in it; But, it is times like this that I wonder why I want to watch the next episode. I think that it might be because of Cruise and the actor who plays him.


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