Dollhouse [Buffy/Firefly 2.0]

Dollhouse is simply awesome! Eliza Dushku plays Caroline [Code Name: Echo] who is a living, breathing doll. She lives with other dolls at the private organization's base of operations. The name of the show is the code name for the private organization that facilitates and organizes the operation. Tahmoh Penikett, plays Paul Ballard, who is an F.B.I. Special Agent investigating the "Dollhouse". Though, the existence of the organization is so closely guarded secret that the only thing Mr. Ballard has to go on is rumor and his gut feelings. The one thing Mr. Ballard has going for him is an unknown benefactor in the F.B.I. that keeps Mr. Ballard assigned to the "Dollhouse" case despite wide spread ridicule and disbelief.

The dolls are actual people who sold the next decade or so of their life. The Dollhouse wipes their memories and stores them for later retrieval. The dolls are imprinted with someone else's memories to facilitate the doll's missions. The missions vary but the baseline role for dolls, seem to be high class escorts. They are given memories and special biological enhancements to enable them to 'be' anybody that the client wants.

I am a big fan of Joss Whedon's Buffy, Angel, and Firefly; And, I knew this show would be fantastic when I first knew he was working on a new one. I wish the networks would resurrect Firefly, and Angel too; But, Dollhouse is a great addition to his work. I really look forward to watching the rest of this season; And, I hope that the shows goes on for a long time.


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