Over There Alpha

Peter becomes monumentally stupid and follows his fake father over to the other side. Olivia and Walter travel to the other side with three other red shirts who promptly get killed within the next ten minutes of the show. We get to see Evil Walter manipulate the Fringe division into a type of death squad. We also get to see the other Fringe division in action a bit.

Red shirts dying is another moment of stupidity as Walter would have warned them not to use their abilities at all before the follow night. Instead they insured their death. I love the alternate reality and the blimps, I have always loved blimps and wished industry continued with them. I believe hydrogen was already being phased out for helium at the time of the disaster so the overreaction was pointless and sad... kinda like the Oil disaster in an odd way.

However, I enjoyed the show a great deal and I liked how Peter got to see his mom. I find it odd that Peter got the schematics for what Evil Walter built. Maybe Bell is sneaked it in and/or the mother is not as clueless as she appears to be.

I say Peter is being stupid because there is almost twenty reasons {season one} of why Peter should trust Evil Walter about as far as he could throw him. I can understand how he might be a little slow on realizing how much Walter loved him because the first eleven years of his life was with Evil Walter and he grew up knowing only to hate his father and love his mother. The opposite was true in the Alpha universe based on how the son reacted to good Walter instead of the mother.

As I said, I do enjoy this episode and the show in general despite this because I realize people can be monumentally stupid all the time. I just am very disappointed in Peter. I am disappointed in Olivia too because she should have been developing her abilities further like the other students. I understand she has a job but that's why they invented community colleges and "night classes" It is painfully obvious now that Olivia is the only one who can get the three survivors back.

The whole episode was an illustration of how much smarter the Beta universe is in general. Maybe that is part of J.J.'s intent? I have no idea. I just wish it was otherwise and Alpha universe could start acting like they want to win this war. Hopefully the disparity in intelligence between the two universe is equalized more in the second season.

They one big problem I have with J.J.'s story so far is that there needs to be something that Beta universe did to exacerbate the damage that Walter caused. This is simply because whatever damage Walter did was to both universes. If it was big and bad enough to do all of what they said it did in Beta universe then the same would be true in Alpha universe. We have a whole first season illustrating that this is far from the case.

Also why isn't Walter and Peter already as fragile as that coffee cup in the lab? Walter already crossed twice and Peter once. Of course their method of crossing seems vastly different than the coffee cup but it might be interesting to see explained why.


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