Rules Of the Game

Mark allows himself to get confused about the future again. We get to see the same uber bad guy photo we saw in the first episode but with a ring on his finger now. Janis looks into getting knocked up artificially... I wonder why? She is rather attractive so she can't just sleep with a guy and lie to him? I mean, women do that all the time anyhow, right? Sooo, we see Olivia throw away Marks present but then acts all lovey dovey to him in the same day... The new guy trying to step into Mark's shoes for Olivia talks with the dead rock star in Lost about how they caused the black out. Annnd we get to see the rings up close and personal with a little Greek alpha character on it. We also hear from the new evil mastermind guy that he thinks there are seven rings in existence... little does he know someone else wrote the book on treason, betrayal, and double dealing.

Now first, I wonder how Mark passed the exam to become an F.B.I. agent. I mean, the writers seemingly intentionally make him the stupidest character in the show. Someone literally kills themselves to prove they can change the future even with being able to predict a possible future, and yet he has to do it himself to believe it? Talk about hard heads. Then he sees a guy with a tattoo of three stars on the guy trying to kill him in his vision. So, he thinks because he killed one guy that had that tattoo that somehow he eliminated the threat and changed his future? Fraking christ man, maybe the guy who is going to kill him has yet to actually even get the tattoo? Oh no, I hope no one tells him that so we can just move on from the horribly depressing and whiny Mark who complains about his lot in life.

Reading what I wrote, I wonder why I continue to watch this show too. I find half a dozen problems with their continuity every episode and this is their eight show into the first season! Jimminy Cricket! who did they hire to write for this thing? I honestly think I might move on to something else because this show is really that depressing. Maybe anyone reading this far is happy to read that too. *shrugs* I feel that the only draw I have to the show is the actual Flash Forward that happened in the first episode. The farther we get into the season the more lame the story arcs seem to be. Oh wo as me, she doesn't love me anymore... until next week when we have makeup sex, just to break up again. How about we have some happy people who actually enjoy what their doing and enjoy their life?


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Nov 13, 2009 10:48AM EST

Janis is looking at sperm donors because she's a lesbian....remember her date with the chick who said she was getting married in her flashforward?....not so easy for a lesbian to accidentily get knocked up;)

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