Awesomely Retarded

I think that this movie had awesome potential and great acting, but the writing was so retarded that the last 30 minutes of the movie utterly destroyed the awesomeness the first 90 minutes created. I had to mentally replay the way the movie ended the way I feel that it should have ended in my head, just to get through to the credits.

That being that Diana Whelan actually used the brain the Divine gifted her with and lived to meet the aliens. Then when the aliens tried to explain their eugenics holocaustic plan, they said they could take their racially superiority and get the frak off our planet.

I think the movie might be better to have never existed to begin with. Because, the 'science' behind the whole plot was flaky to begin with, then their 'M.I.T.' professor failed Chaos theory 101 which explained how you could predict events 50 years from now and have it still be 'randomness'. However, I do wish to state that I choose to believe in E=MC2, instead.


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