Kate beating down John

LOVE the show, but if it is better for the family that they stop filming, they should do that. I know we don't know these people, and their lives are reduced to 40 minutes a wk for us after editing, but watching Kate & John onscreen makes me uncomfortable at times-namely Kate belittling & trying to suck every last bit of self-esteem out of John. The rumors about him-he prob just needs2be in the company of others not treating him so badly. They are both intellingent people, and great parents&I understand they must yell at each other w/a family so huge. But they r still young ppl only in their early 30's. John has lost himself-he no longer works& seems his job now is to take constant verbal(&sometimes physical abuse w/ her constantly slapping him in the face "lovingly) from Kate. He shows he's a real person by wondering if all this is best for his family-thy're 'Hollywood' now even from rural PA. If it were the other way around-him talking to her in that way on a daily; there would be claims of spousal abuse & OUTRAGE. The kids r great & seem well adjusted-(Mady may hav some emotional stuff goin on they shud deal w/) & to her credit, Kate's organization keeps it running. But she's so disrespectful toward John-on national TV even! Don't think the cameras r responsible for all their marital problems. Kate seems to have a fear of him leaving, so she tears him down, same as emotionally Abusive men do...


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