The Useless and The Lost - Scrubs

It goes without saying that this show has lost its umphh. But more than anything what irritates me about the recent episodes is the ridiculous pity the producers and directors are showering over the useless-waste-of-time-character - The Janitor.

The hospital custodian, known as "Janitor", played by Neil Flynn, was originally visioned as a ghost who exists only in J.D's eyes. Therefore the Janitor had scenes only with J.D in season 1. The plan was when season one ended, they would dramatically reveal this fact and the show would end its run. But to the surprise of the makers, Scrubs got picked up for season two and Mr. Flynn didn't want to just have scenes with J.D anymore.

Hence the character of the Janitor was thrown into several story lines where he would share scenes with the rest of the cast. Since season 2 it was obvious to me that the decision to turn the Janitor into anything more than a secondary-seldom-appearing character was not inspirational. Even though Neil Flynn proved at times that he could make the outrageous Janitor an asset to the shows ensemble, it has been quite impossible for me to like his character, personality and presence. Yet that character still exists and is even getting major focus. Why? well I think its because they feel bad for the old guy. What do you guys think? Do you like the Janitor? Do you like that they are giving focus to his character? I am clearly anti-janitor, are there more like me out there?

In my opinion they should have kept the "Janitor is a ghost story line" alive, reduced Neil's screen time to 7 to 9 episodes a season and revealed the fact that he is a ghost in the shows last ever episode of season 8.

To be honest there are so many wrongs to right in Scrubs. Season one had a certain tone which dwindled out of existence as the show progressed. I thus no longer can relate to the characters and feel the writers have done grave injustice. The episode "My Soul on Fire", which aired on April 15th definitely illustrates the extent to how much the show diverted from its initial run. In it we saw how useless characters got focus and how Scrubs lost every bit of its charm. I hope the future episodes are better.

Scrubs is an Emmy award winning quirky comedy-drama based on professional and personal lives of characters working at the Sacred Heart Teaching Hospital. It airs on Wednesdays at 8PM on ABC



Default avatar cat
Apr 20, 2009 11:11AM EDT

I think you're a bit too harsh on the Janitor as he has had some great moments in the early episodes but you're very right in that over the seasons they put too much focus on him to make him 'part of the Scrubs family'. Scrubs really has lost it and it has just become a parody-pantomime of itself with overusing character traits and eccentricities which happens to most comedy shows that run on too long.

Apr 20, 2009 2:44PM EDT

I think you both are off. The Janitor cannot be missed in Scrubs. Further of all the episodes in season 8 aren't that great as for example season 6-7 but they are very good. Tbh I find the episodes in season 8 quite good. Especially the daydreams of J.D. And don't forget about Turk. He is awesome in this season especially E013.

Default avatar cat
Apr 21, 2009 10:51AM EDT

I too think the janitor has his moments. But none of them in Combination with "the braintrust" or his "lady". These two things are what I don't like about the janitor.
His appearances are quite hilarious sometime, but the Todd doesn't need a private-life on scrubs and so the janitor doesn't.
He's a funny character, no doubt, but the creators definetly pushed him too far. 10 or 20% less janitor would be a great idea. But maybe now, when he's married, he will occur less often. Allthough I think the current episodes have only one reason: preparing for the series-finale. I think they want all the characters to have a fully closed history so noone misses anything afterwards.

Default avatar cat
Apr 21, 2009 2:05PM EDT

The janitor is amazing. theres no way the show could cope without him.

Default avatar cat
Apr 21, 2009 8:33PM EDT

Yeah, I think you're all crazy (except the ones that agree with me :P), the Janitor is hilarious.

Default avatar cat
Apr 29, 2009 3:16PM EDT

I think the reason some people don't like the Janitor is because he has a different style of humour than the rest of the cast--probably because he apparently ad-libs most of his lines--so he often seems out of step with the show's overall vibe and style of in-your-face physical gags with his rambling, non-sequitur, monologues. He's been one of my personal favourite characters, and I've really enjoyed the increased focus on him this season.

Default avatar cat
Apr 29, 2009 9:03PM EDT

i love the janitor

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