Evan & Divya stealing the show?

Audience! its your time to speak up. Do you think the highlight of Royal Pains is the smart v/s goofy pairing of Divya and Evans?

In my opinion they are what holds the show. Generally a romantic story arc keeps audiences interested in a medical-drama format and in Royal Pains, Dr. Hank Lawson and Jill Casey have definitely failed in that department. On the other hand, secondary characters of Divya Katdare and Evan Lawson bear the most significant ingredient of a star-tv-couple - they are different.

Just like how Ross was the nerd and Rachel was the popular girl, Meridith was the twisty one while Derek was the normal one, like how Will was the gay one while Grace was just being gay too, the same way the apparent racial difference between this pair is what makes them screen magic. One is Indian, while the other is the average American. Their different backgrounds bring a new flavor to televisions most overused subplot. Where as the shows primary couple have no flavor at all, there's just no contrast between them. The directors have to do something to get the spotlight back on their protagonists or people are going to get tired of waiting for the next Div-Van moment. What do you guys reckon? will they make some changes next season? more importantly, do you people agree at all?

USA network's Royal Pains is summers highest rated comedy-drama that centers around an accidental concierge doctor and his over ambitious trio while they tend to the rich and famous of the Hampton's.

Airs on Thursday at 10PM on USA Network



Default avatar cat
Aug 16, 2009 8:34PM EDT

I think the former boyfriend showing up is superbly dramatic and interesting, I don't think they'll need to redirect attention, stop jumping to conclusions. There is still the issue with Boris that Hank AND Jill have to take care of, might kindle a tension or stronger connection.

Default avatar cat
Aug 16, 2009 11:17PM EDT

I like Divya and Evan and the way they are together, getting on each others nerves while secretly liking each other and yes the combination of Divya being Indian,highly intelligent, British, and having attitude makes her super hot. I think Jill is pretty cute too but her character is just so lame/corny and the scenes between Hank and Jill are VERY VERY corny. I personally think they cant even fake chemistry :P
Oh and btw Jill's ex is a complete douchebag. I wanted to punch him through the screen myself.

Default avatar cat
Aug 17, 2009 11:45AM EDT

I agree. If there could be a "douchebag" look, he's got it. People please visit the official website and checkout the never before scene interviews.

Default avatar cat
Aug 17, 2009 12:10PM EDT

So far in Royal Pain's premiere season, the entry of Jill's ex is the most insignificant thing that has happened on the show. If you look at the show, you'll realize the development in Divya's story and her relation with Evan had greater impact. Thats an unfortunate truth becuase she's not the lead character.
I assume no hindrance in the Hank-Jill relationship can save that boat since Jill is the real problem. Television doesn't need another pretty face. It needs a real 3 dimensional character. The typical pretty-girl-next-door thing is officially out. Directors have to get Miss Casey OUT. Now.

Default avatar cat
Aug 18, 2009 6:13PM EDT

okay so evan and divya will so sleep together soonand i like hank and jill - but like, after a break of them not being together. then itll be A OKAY.they just need like, stuff inbetween, cos theyre all too angsty with each other to be a couple atmjills blatantly gonna get back with charlie for a little bit or something.

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