One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 1 "4:30 am"

So here is the episode where the cast is all new. It really is a start to a new show in ways since there is no longer Lucas and Peyton - two of the starring roles of this show. And I felt to be an asset to One Tree Hill.

However, you still have a lot of the main characters remaining including Nathan and Hailey, whos son celebrated his 7th birthday in this episode. Love that little boy! However the drama and suspense OTH is known for has not left with Lucas and Peyton. Drama within the Scott residence is about to blow up. With allegations that Nathan has been unfaithful on the road with some groupie who threatens to go public with it.

Brooke is a lot tamer in this episode, not her wild ditsy self. She has matured over the last seasons and she is starting to develop more on her fashion line.

As for the new characters of the show. Of course the CW gets hotties, Clay (Nathan's agent) spares many similarites to Lucas, and Quinn a girl that I am not to sure about yet. Looks like she will play a big role in episodes to come. Guess we will have to see.


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