Horrible, ridicilous, cheesy, immature, absolute wate of time. BOOOOOOO!

So I thought I'd continue to give the CW a chance, because they are doing a good job with "Supernatural" with the exception that their Occult and Theology researchers (if they have any) are idiots, it's still entertaining. I wanted to turn "Vampire Diaries" off after the first 2 min. of viewing but decided to give it a chance. CW must stand for Children Watch because the only people who would probably enjoy this crap is Jr. High girls who just got their fist mensuration and can't wait to be a big High school girl. This show should be immediately discarded like their sanitary napkins. However if you enjoy bad special effects, cheesy dialog, horrible writing, atrocious acting and ditsy valley type girls chasing boys then by all means waste your time. Twilight (which sicked) meets 90210 meets the worst refuse you can imagine.

sincerely appalled,

Jonny Apocalypse


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Sep 17, 2009 8:26PM EDT

lol.i actually went out and bought the first book in anticipation.... what a waste of money. the books are terrible. i feel sorry for the anyone involved with this show... they didn't really have much to work with from the word go.abysmal. fact.

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