One of the best

BSG is surely the best sci fi show out there. It deals with issues that are relative to modern day society and does it with refreshing originality.

What makes the shows special is the fact that it is not only the Cylons that create problems for humans. It is the surviving humans who who cannot agree on how to proceed and end up fighting each other whilst also fighting the enemy. The seasons are also consistently improving with information drip fed but the viewer encouraged to think things through for themselves also. The cyclons aboard the Galactica are well chosen and in season 1 in particular there is genuine emotion to the plight of Boomer.

The moral message that comes across is one of fear and learning to accept those things that are different. I am eagerly awaiting the final 10 episodes and look forward to see how the cliffhanger is continued. I also hope that the final cylon revelation is one which does not disappoint. I personally think that it will be Laura Roslin or Guis Baltar but I am still looking forward to the revelation. I hope the series goes out on a high


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