Well Worth the Wait- Disciple

I'm a devoted Smallville fan, so last week when they decided to delay the show another week due to the Haiti telethon, I was a bit disappointed. Not disappointed because of the great cause they replaced it with, but because I would have to wait a whole entire week for my favorite show to finally return to air. Well Last night it finally did and boy did I enjoy it :). To finally see Lois and Clark as a real and honest to God couple, that was the highlight of the show! Not to downplay the other things that were going on, like the action with the dark archer and Oliver, Mia playing her part as Olivers disciple, Chloe still being the awesome Watchtower and using all of her really cool tech skills to help save the day, and Zod's trickery and constant plea for Clark to share his abilities. Though Clark and Lois's storyline, and Olivers past were major points in the episode, Zod's part was equally intriguing. At first he seems as if he's trying to befriend Clark, with his agenda being getting his soldiers Clark's abilities, but in the end they show that Zod is planning something and there was an emphasis on that symbol that he so benevolently gave Lois. On a side note though when Clark was on that roof and making it clear to Zod that if he goes near Lois again he would destroy them all, that was really cool on Clark's part.

My favorite line of the show, Lois: "this is the one, your the one that I want to get it right with, so...good night"

Clark:".....night" 'stare'


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Feb 1, 2010 8:58AM EST

i really liked the lois clark thing too and im glad its going well but im scared that clark like always will start running and hidding too much stuff and they'll be alot of problem and lies like what happened with clark and lana i hope that doesnt happen cuz if it does i'm gonna go nutsand the episode in general i thought it was a good episode not great i think for a month break it should have been better more exciting i liked the episode dont get me wrong but i thought it should have been better not as great as i thought it was gonna be cuz they made us wait so long but im glad at least lois and clark relationship is going well :D

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