Leverage First Timer

I recently (today) just started to watch the show, and I am HOOKED!! It was practically love at first sight,or watch, whatever. The first episode was the one that really caught my attention and made me want to watch more, the first episode of leverage has to be the best premiering episode of a show that I have seen in a long time. It provided a little bit of comedy, along with cool action, a little drama, and a fantastic storyline. All of the characters have their own storyline, and crazy cool personalities that I love.

Usually when it comes to shows that have a different array of characters like Leverage does, it's almost routine to pick a favorite character, but I can't because all the characters on the show are phenomenal and it would be extremely hard to choose a favorite, I really commend the casting directors. I know it may seem too soon to start praising the show, considering the fact that I just started watching it and I've so far only seen the first episode (other episodes are loading), but I just had to write about it, that's how good it came across to me. For people that are a little skeptical about the show, Don't Be because if you are your truly missing out on something really exciting.

P.S- This is now one of my favorite shows to watch.


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