I just seen the season finale and I still cant believe that Zack was working with Gormagon, but the thing I having an issue with is if Zack is still going to be a character on the show, and if he's not then who's going to be his replacement?. Despite his relationship with Gormagon I really liked Zack, I especially liked how he took things so literally and it was kinda funny how he came to an understanding as to what the other characters were saying. Also on a side note I really think it's about time Booth and Bones finally admit there feelings for each other, I think they'd make a really great couple. (Lots Of Sexual Tension)




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Jun 15, 2008 4:46PM EDT

Zack will still be making occasional appearances as a type of 'Hannibal Lectar' type character when he's visited in the mental institutions and his job will be replaced by another character. Bones and Booth are going to descover new feelings for each other or something like that according to info I've recieved. After Booth's fake death I think that Bones will figure out that she likes Booth romantically. It's bound to spark some deep feelings.

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Jun 15, 2008 7:33PM EDT

its sad that zack is gone... but hopefully he gets out of the mental institute and makes it back to a full time employment on the show

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