Lost episode 5 - This Place is Death discussion

Wow i have to say this is the best episode this season it was amazing .

Wowsers simply amazing episode...... I feel like this was a very intriguing line right there. It proves that Christian I guess is not just a talking puppet for Jacob (or against Jacob, whatever you may think). It proves he still has a conscious and has his own thoughts. Also did you see the look on bens face when he heard Desmond say that Elosie is Daniel's mother!? At last something that Ben didn't know about the island and charlotte being on the Island it was really shocking.

The only negative part is Hurley is still not there?



Feb 12, 2009 1:17PM EST

I agree that it was great to see Ben not know something and also to have Desmond just pop up like that! I'm very curious about Christian - he has to be dead because he came to the island in a coffin, but maybe he's in some way alive on the island? And I suppose I expect Locke to return to the island in a coffin, but then somehow come back to life, so why not someone else? Or does that mean Locke really did sacrifice his life to save everyone?
I'm also confused as to how the Oceanic 6 members can start anything about going back to the island without everyone there, but I'm assuming they'll just learn what to do from Elosie and then still have to get the rest of the 6 there... I can't wait to find out more!

Feb 14, 2009 2:57PM EST

Charlotte's previous time on the island was to be expected since the nose bleeds corrispond to their time on the island and her reaction was the worst by far, almost immediately. It is crazy how the island is a lot older or the things on the island are a lot older than previously shown. The well and the ruins around it at the orchid. Also, the lair of the smoke monster was covered in egyptian heirogliphics. I always thought that the smoke monster had to do with some crazy experiments since it sounded like a machine, but now I think that the monster is older than anything else on the island.
In regards to Locke he has a special connection with the island so I think that almost anything is possible with him. I think he will come back from the dead when he comes back. I think that Christian might also be special, which might mean that Jack is special since Claire is special too. She was the only one able to have a child on the island and Christian is messing with her.

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