One Tree Hill Season 7 Epsiode 2 "What are you willing to lose"

And things are starting to heat up!!! It's hard to tell whether or not Nathan is telling the truth that he did not have sexual relations with this girl. Her story however, does seem to add up, which doesn't look good for him.

Brooke is taking the plunge by allowing Julian to move in. I like that step for them. I think that they are going to be a great couple in future episodes with a lot of drama inbetween. And that person might be Alex. The over zealous actress Brooke hired for half a million dollars to be her Clothes over Bros front girl. This girl would get under the sheets with anyone and it looks like she has her eyes for Julian.

And the notorious Scott Dad, that made all the previous seasons eventful to watch is still on the show. Airing a show called Scott Free. Apparently he has turned over a few leaves and is starting new. That makes for a boring Dan Scott. Except he has a new wife. Yep and it's someone we already know from off the show. Rachel! Well that makes for a great episode.


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