One Tree Hill Season 7 Episode 4 "Believe Me, I'm Lying"

Well you got to give Nathan credit that he will not cave into this so-called mistresses allegations that she is carrying Nathan's baby! But unfortunately for Hailey and Nathan and their son Jamie, it has now gone public and of course Jamie seen the tabloids of this at the local market news stand. How would one explain that to a little boy aged 7.

With that, endorsements will be lost. Can we trust that Nathan is telling the truth? This is a hard one, it could go either way. That is why I love this show. It is far from predictable.

As for Marv and Millie, well their relationship has been on the rocks for awhile now. And with Marvin thinking of taking the job in LA, you know that Millie is going to continue going down the wrong road that she is on.

More Drama!!! Quinn's ex husband is now in the picture, and you can't help but feel sorry for the guy. He is obviously still in love with her and needs closure. I couldn't imagine being in that situation. She isn't dealing with it properly but I think that the show is going to lead her and Clay together! Guess we will have to see.


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