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What happened to South Park...?

Did they just stop making south Park all of a sudden? Because there's only 7 episodes in the latest series. Or are there more eisodes in the series and Sidereel just couldn't get a'hold of them?


| 22:31 EDT, 08 Oct, 2008
its because of the writers strike..
| 22:06 EDT, 06 Aug, 2008
yeah south park is odd, because a "season" begins in the spring, takes the hiatus inthe summer like many shows, and the "Season" resumes in the fall when everyone else's new season starts. after the christmas hiatus, south park starts a "new season". it's odd, but there's not usually continuity problems, since it's a cartoon...
| 15:17 EDT, 06 Aug, 2008
check or imdb i think i saw that its due back oct but cant be sure.
| 20:13 EDT, 05 Aug, 2008
Thank god! If they spontaniously stopped making them I think I'd just randomly drop dead! It's too awsome to stop making them.
| 17:28 EDT, 05 Aug, 2008
South Park divides their seasons strangely sometimes. Of the current season, only 7 new episodes have aired so far. I'm sure there will be more new episodes in the Fall sometime...

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